Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Commercial Boards

These are commercial boards for the Suburban Auto Group's trunk monkey campaign.  Do a google search for "trunk monkey commercial" and you will see some commercials that were done for the campaign.  The idea is that each car is tailored to the needs of its occupants.
The Pitch: An evil villain has Chuck Norris tied up and is laughing maniacally.

Chuck, however, has the Suburban Sidekick edition of this car.  He pushes his car key trunk button to release the trunk monkey.

The trunk monkey frees Chuck, much to the dismay of the villain.

And end with the hero shot: a freeze shot jump kick, knowing the villain is about to get his comeuppance.  Followed by the campaign slogan "The trunk monkey: sidekick edition.  A revolutionary idea you'll only find at Suburban Auto Group."  

The first two panels are greenish and cool to represent the villain being in control, but as the hero gets free, the cools recede, to be replaced by warms, as Chuck gains the upper hand :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Batman Test Storyboards

Robot Beatboard

The Story takes place in the not to distant future.  Everyone has a personalized robot, now, in this society, but one little robot wakes up in Grand Central alone and with no memory of his human.  I wanted to show the robot's isolation as the robot realizes he is suppose to have a human too.  I used warm colors surrounding the robot to show the liveliness and warmth of the place and people around him but used a cool light source over him to show his isolation and draw the eye to that point.