Monday, March 26, 2012

Computer Hospital, Freelance work

Sketches for Computer Hospital

Sketches that weren't chosen for the Computer Hospital windows and sign but I still like them so I'll post them.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Richard Hull's Retirement Drawings

Quite a while ago, a professor of mine retired and an email was sent out to all of his old students asking us if we wanted to do a sketch which would then be bound in a book filled with other past and present student sketches, as a thank you for all the years of teaching. I did two. The first is an older retired cartoon version of him still painting in his retirement years, and the second one is sketch of an experience from our class NY mentoring field trip. Julia and I wanted to get better walking shoes in NY as we were walking a lot. Brother Hull went with us as we were heading to a museum, only brother Hull didn't realize that sometimes girls take forever shopping. I think he was traumatized by the event as he mentions that story from time to time whenever my name is brought up.  It's good to know he'll always remember me.

Forest Project Video Fly Through

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some textures for the forest project

Here are some of the textures used to create the forest project I did. Some are self made hand painted textures and others are more photograph textures but the combination of the two together in the scene actually worked out pretty nice. A lot have normal maps and spec maps, many of which i didn't include here.

Forest Project

So I did this project a while ago and had it posted on my portfolio website at, but I've finally decided to put it also on my blog. This was a side project done while I was working at Disney Interactive Studios. It was done entirely by me, textures and modeling.